UK offense wants aggressive drives, but not too aggressive

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UK offense wants aggressive drives, but not too aggressive

Post  BestdamnUKfanperiod on Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:26 am

UK offense wants aggressive drives, but not too aggressive

by Tipton

A thin smile crossed DeAndre Liggins’ face. Isn’t there an inherent conflict to negotiate in a Kentucky offense predicated on aggressive drives to the basket, yet being chastised as being “selfish” for driving too aggressively against Connecticut last week?
“It’s very hard for me,” Liggins said Monday when asked about finding the right balance. “I’m an attacking player.”
But, he acknowledged, there is a better balance to be found than the blind man groping in the dark that UK did against the Huskies in the EA Sports Maui Invitational championship game.
“I’ve got to recognize what I have,” Liggins said. “If the defense collapses, I’ve got teammates wide open.”
Kentucky hopes to do better against Boston U on Tuesday night in Rupp Arena. In this case, the Cats have an easy act to follow. It’s hard to imagine a worse performance than one that inspired UK Coach John Calipari to label it “selfish.” Kentucky had only nine assists against UConn, which topped the seven against Washington the night before.
Unity of purpose was not in evidence on defense either.
“Just not talking,” big man Josh Harrellson said. “Not helping each other out. Just primarily focused on our own guy.
“You don’t have an assigned guy. Everybody is our guy on the court.”
As Liggins noted, the guilty were not confined to the many freshmen who form the core of this Kentucky team. Veterans were a part of the selfishness, too.
“Not only the young guys,” Liggins said. “It was me, too. I admitted it. I have to learn and keep moving.”
Of course, the very name of Kentucky’s offense — the Dribble-Drive — suggests an emphasis on moves to the basket.
“That’s the whole reason for the Dribble-Drive motion (offense),” Harrellson said. “That’s the reason it works. You’ve got to have at least two or three good drivers on the floor just to get in the lane and penetrate and find open players.”
It’s that last part, the finding of open players, where Kentucky faltered against Connecticut.

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