UK to tinker with offense

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UK to tinker with offense

Post  MULECHOPS on Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:41 am

Last season, Kentucky used roughly 65 possessions per game, an average pace which placed the Wildcats as one of the nation's slowest teams (per Ken Pomeroy). With a talented group of freshmen joining the squad, and a sizable chunk of returning lettermen, one would imagine UK might play at a faster pace in 2012. During his coaching demonstration at the recent Brayden Carr Clinic, John Calipari confirmed he he wants to push the tempo during this upcoming season.

In particular, Calipari believes this squad could be the quickest he has coached since Memphis squad in 2008. However, we must note that the '08 Memphis team did not have the fastest tempo in the nation -- rather, they were two possessions per game higher than the Division I average.

Calipari also revealed that the Kentucky squad will tinker with their offense for the third time in three seasons. In 2010, UK utilized the traditional DDM format, and last season, the 'Cats shifted from the dribble-drive and ran more of a halfcourt offense that featured half-offs. Going into 2012, Cal and his coaching staff plan to teach a modified version of DDM that will be heavily influenced by his recent stint coaching in the FIBA Americas tournament.

One aspect of UK's offense that will definitely be of interest will be how quickly Anthony Davis runs the floor. Under Roy Williams, UNC has set the standard for how quickly bigs get up in the court before the opposing defense has time to set up but Calipari espousing Davis' skills in the fast-break: "Anthony Davis runs the court in 3 steps."

- Matt Giles

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Re: UK to tinker with offense

Post  stuckinknoxville on Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:16 pm

I think that was the biggest reason Kentucky got off to a slow start last year. The DDM just wasn't suiting that group of kids very well.
If anything points to Calipari's coaching ability, this does. I've always hated to see coaches try to form the kids they have to a given offense instead of trying to run sets that play to the players strengths. The fact that he's willing to find what works says a lot.
I see it all the time in football. You can't pound the ball up the middle if you have a small line and small quick running backs no more than you can run a spread if you don't have the personnel to do it.

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