I HATE d00k Fans...

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I HATE d00k Fans...

Post  DeathMetalKyFan on Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:12 pm

So basically after a small argument on FB with a young Puke fan...One that I dominated with facts and stats I guess he had to have Daddy Dukie jump they ignorant or what? I'm Sean by the way! Shocked

Tom Duke-Last years champs!! Uk- 1998. That was almost before u were born helvey!! Lol
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Jordan UNC more national titles than Puke
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Sean Duke couldnt win a championship for 52 years! lol
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Tom Uk won most of them when it was segregated and some of the real players couldn't even step on the court. Don't forget that they also have been on probation or sanctioned more than any b ball program in the country. Cat fans can say all this or all time that but in the last 25 years there is no comparison! Duke is the team. That is why cat fans are willing to sell their souls to the used car dealer that is their coach. This years final four banner will be taken down by 2014 for ncaa violations most likely! Stay classy cats!! Lol. I have 3 friends in texas that are fans of neither team and they went to final four, the only said they were glad to see uk fans go home- whining, complaining, bitchin about their team getting cheated!! Typical!
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Tom - Morris,, uk whipped u guys!! U guys were most likely just glad to be back in the tournament instead of the NIT! Tar-holes looked real good in ACC title game!! Lol. Its not how many u have won, its how you win- Duke is the penultimate team of our times!! Lol.
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Sean So if UK won during that time period then why couldn't Duke win with the SAME players to choose from? Til Duke has 7 hangin Duke can't say anything...Keep makin excuses!
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Tom Has UCLA won 11?? Does that make them the best team?? Heck they haven't won one since 95. Uk has won more. But their motto seems to be if u aint cheatin you aint trying! In reality, in the early period of modern college basket history there was no parity!! If u uk fans want to hang on to those early glory days so be. Do what u need to do. Both teams are relevant and uk fans hate duke the most- why?? Because in the last 25 years the dukies are the better program. Plain truth!
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Sean No the 11 UCLA has is respectable but doesnt make them the best. It means they have the most titles. UK is 2nd. 1st in ALL TIME wins (Since that is what everyone counts...not just 25 years), and on top of the list of so many other things. Its good that you feel you are the best team in the past 25 years...seems like a long time to be on top...just think of how UK fans feel since we are the best ALL TIME Smile
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Sean Oh and since its all in the past...does that mean in 50 years your titles in 91, 92, etc dont count anymore or are worth less? Of course dont say stuff like know better. If Duke was worth anything back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. and won a title you know for fact that you would counting the banner...
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Tom Look at the title of this thread!! (It was a post on FB saying "I love ignorant UK fans" by his son)Lol. And again, uk almost got the death penalty, and our tied with kansas for all time ncaa penalties! Don't forget that all time! Lol. Duke is the ucla of th 80s and 90s and the 21st century!! All time ...winniest coach soon, team usa coach, etc. At one time ford escorts were the #1 selling vehicle in the nation! And was beating all the competitio. That does not make it relevant today! Uk- champions of basketball when u needed a ladder to get the ball out of the basket! Congrats!! Bwahhhahhaha
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Sean So if Duke won in that time period it wouldnt count today? If we got penalized then we did and we paid for it. I guess Duke is the clean program that everyone should model themselves after? Corey Magetter didnt take money or cheat did he...? Duke is just as guily as anyone but hasnt been caught! Even after Corey Magette admitted he cheated and took money the NCAA still didnt pursue it. Who cares if K is the coach of the USA team...A 10 yr old could coach the best players in the NBA and win...come on man.
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Tom Cat fans and corey maggette!! Lol. He should have been a cat!! That's true!! Haha. Coach K baby!!! Oh say can u see...oer the ramparts... Breaks me up thinking about our country and our coach! He coaches Team USA and America's team!! The dukies! I'm funny! Lol.
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Sean You also keep talking about time periods...thats cool and all that Duke was good at this point in or that point in time but OVERALL is what matters and we ARE the best. Once Duke is on our level come back and talk to me. Thanks.
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Tom Good point!! Keep hating!! ;-) your welcome! Hehe. I hope the dukies never stoop to that level. I'd rather stay mediocre I guess. Let's see how long cheater-pari gets to keep this final four for his school. Later.
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Sean No what is funny is how a fan of school that isnt even close to UK thinks that they are better when the numbers arent close over the entire history of the sport.

Like I said...a 10 yr old could coach the NBA all stars and win...Could Coach K win a gold medal with his college basketball team? I dont think so. But I think I know someone who did...

Oh and congrats to Coach K for being close to the most wins...thats good. But still dont think he is better than Rupp. Look how many wins he has to get and look at how short the seasons used to be when Rupp coached...

Duke and UCLA didnt win anything in the 80s so what are you talking about? And if Duke is like UCLA...where is the 88 game win streak or how about 11 titles? 11 is more than 4...oh and so is 7 Smile
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Tom Adolph Hitler Rupp! Yeah I would look up to him. Lol. He coached the heck out of some white guys beating some other white guy! Love loyal fans, and both teams were lame we would even be hacking on each other. It was zero fun will Billy clyde was coaching the nit bound cats with porter and courey starting. Cats will win another championship but for my sakes I hope it is in 2020 something! That way I have more time to get rabid cat fans even more fired up. I got stuff to do! Later.
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Sean Im fired up but bc you obviously dont know what you're talking about. You cant back anyhting up...its just oh you cheated and we are good now and then...and where was Duke in accepting african american players at that time? oh wait they were doing the same thing everyone else're team is no better for that.
I'll let you go...have fun reading "Duke Is Better Than UK" by J K Rowling!
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