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Points of Emphasis

Post  BestdamnUKfanperiod on Wed May 19, 2010 6:12 am

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1) Although the administrators of Big Blue Nation Sports Forum will try to keep all controversial and pornographic posts off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. By registering at this site, you are agreeing that you will not post any messages, avatars and/or signatures that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any local/state/federal regulations.

2) The administration has absolute authority to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason at any time and to ban any member for a repeat offense after a single formal warning.

3) The desire for Big Blue Nation Sports Forum is intelligent and somewhat mature speech about everything about the Wildcats and the Southeastern Conference and other areas that are provided.

4) We have no desire to moderate but we will. We would like this to be a enjoyable site for both men and women who can carry on a mature conversation and have discussion about different subjects that should be of interest to many newcomers as well. The objective of the administration is to grow this site, not to megasize but for as many that would like to become part of our community of friends.

5) The primary goal for Big Blue Nation Sports Forum is that each person feel respected and feel they can come here to have a solid discussion such as one you might have at work or in the church parking lot. There will be disagreements but the calling of pornographic names or disrespect of posters and moderators and the direct shaming of someone because of their opinion will not be tolerated. If you're looking to start a fight or making any attempt to bait a fellow poster, you will not have access to this site for very long as it will not be tolerated.

6) You may provide a link to your personal site but there is to be absolutely no posting of additional advertising or services without the prior permission of the administration. Also no site plugging besides your own. You may refer to a post or a statement made somewhere else, but we don't want or need the internet address.

7) Staying on topic within a thread is something that we will focus on heavily. If you have a thought and want to bring it up, start a new thread. Don't start talking about the election in the middle of a football thread.

8 From time to time, different athletes, whether it be a star high school recruit or an All-America QB may have personal issues or in trouble with the legal system or perhaps a program is placed on probation or in a long losing streak News articles pertaining to these types of stories are fine as well as your opinion about this, but the direct blasting of these athletes or programs directly resulting in name-calling or insults directed toward a particular fan base will not be tolerated.


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