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Post  Carolina Kat on Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:24 pm

Big Blue Nation,

It's been more than a month now that this site has been up and running and we wanted to revisit some expectations as we go forward so that we stay on track with our main objectives and so there is no doubt as to what we are attempting to do here.

This site was designed and has become a home for many that not only wanted but expected to visit and be able to hold mature conversations about numerous topics including Kentucky Basketball, the SEC, Pro Sports, etc.

Between last week, in which we banned one member, there have been a couple of other situations that have come to the attention of the administrators. It's our belief that anyone, male or female, should be able to come, visit and post on this board in a mature adult setting without the possibility of seeing semi to obscene photos or art and without any chance of being attacked or put down because of his/her beliefs.

The Administration provides a free board so that we can get together and discuss our favorite topics and all that happens with Big Blue Nation. It's a fun hobby and love that we dedicate a lot of time to. One of the most enjoyable things is that we make new friends and strengthen relationships with old friends.

So with that, a reminder to everyone, that going forward, we need to focus a bit more and make sure that we are being considerate in all areas of this site. This includes all forums and the live "Chat Box" that is used mostly during games when we might have visitors from our opponent or perhaps when our tempers are boiling because our team isn't playing as we had hoped. We need to be open to different views and opinions despite our occasional frustrations. The "Chat Box is a live forum for anyone and not an exclusive private club for any group or individual.

It's likely that because some of us have history with some posters from other sites, that there is a tendency to be more casual or to rekindle past comments that may/may not have taken place. Again, the primary objective of this site is for all who come here to be welcome and to be treated fairly and respectfully in a mature manner. Childish bahavior, bantering and baiting will not be tolerated. We will have disagreements. Just don't be the one that takes the issue or discussion too far and causes any embarrassment or hindrance to the one that you are addressing or draw more attention to the situation at hand. Know when to move on. Also please do not attempt to use incorrect spellings of profanity that are being filtered. The filter is being used for a reason. Please limit profanity in the "Chat Box" where the filter is not included.

We ask that you remember that when you log into Big Blue Nation, that all posters are to be treated with respect and professionally at all times, just as you would like to be treated. The very last thing that the administrators enjoy doing is deleting or editing comments, settling disagreements and banning posters.

Please know that we desire for this site to be inviting and informative for mature individuals who can have open discussions with one another. If you're unclear of what is expected while you are here on this site, please revisit the "Points Of Emphasis" in the Welcome Center near the bottom of the home page or contact an administrator.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Administration

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