Colonoscopy - Get It Done!!

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Colonoscopy - Get It Done!!

Post  Carolina Kat on Sat May 18, 2013 3:04 am

So Today, After Crossing The 50-Yard Line In February, I Went For My First Colonoscopy. I Think It's My Job To Let You Know Of My Simple Day And The Great Results... cheers

My Appointment Was 12:30 p.m. Today At The Hospital. I Arrived At 11:30. You Literally Get An IV, Roll Over On Your Left Side And The Next Thing You Know, They Awake You And Give You a Soft Drink - You're Finished - EASY. And You Don't Do This Again For 10 Years. farao

On Wednesday Evening, I Had My Last Solid Food. All Day Thursday, I Was On Clear Liquids - Juices, Water, Gatorade, Mountain Dew - Any Drink or Jello or Broth That Was Clear Enough To See Through - No Red, Purple Or Blue Drinks. It Must Be Clear Enough To See Through. Suspect

Thursday night, I Took My First Dose Of Prep Medicine That Causes Diarrhea To Clean Out The Intestine And Bowel. It Was Called PREPOPIK And Was Prescribed By My Primary Physician. You Add One Small Envelope To 5 Ounces Of Cold Water. It Tastes Like a Bubbly Lemon-Lime Powder Drink - No Aftertaste At All. Then You Must Have Five More 8 oz. Clear Drinks (Of Your Choice) In The Next Five Hours. At 7 This Morning, I Repeated Those Same Steps Except Had Three Clear Drinks (Of Your Choice) In The Next Four Hours. From The Start Of The Prep Until Today's Appointment, I Was Probably On The Throne Six Times Total And No Soreness Or Burning As Often Happens. affraid

Probably The Main Reason I Did This Today, One Of My Past Supervisors Went On a Routine Screening About Five Years Ago Even Though His Family Had No History Of Any Type Of Cancer. The Doctors Found Cancer And He Was Treated And Because They Spotted This Cancer Early, He's Now Living Healthy And Enjoying Life. afro

And Why Am I Saying This - If Your Family Has Any History Of Cancer Or If You Are Any Adult At Age 50 Or More, You Need To Have This Done. I Promise It's 1,000 Times More Inconvenience Than Distasteful, Painful Or Embarrassing. It's Something You Need To Do For Your Family And For Yourself. 150,000 Men And Women, African-American And White Will Be Diagnosed With Colorectal Cancer This Year - 50,000 Will Die. Crying or Very sad

You Don't Have To Be a Part Of That Number And There's No Reason To Be. sunny

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