I'm starting to see what you guys mean

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I'm starting to see what you guys mean

Post  jagator on Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:48 am

I used to think you guy were just poor losers constantly bitching about the reds. But now that we are one of the big boys in the SEC, I'm seeing it. There is clearly an anti SEC bias in these non conference games. The refs in the Florida Arizona literally stole the game. We had a steal on one play and our guy was tackled, I mean football tackled from behind and there was no call. Then we get a dunk to finally go up over a ten point lead and they throw a tech on Yeguette for hanging on the rim when he is clearly looking behind him at a defender camped underneath him. And the last minutes of the game were ridiculous. I think Az was trying to foul us to send us to the line but there was no whistle so they just reached in and took the ball all they wanted. And then in the last minute, a five second call? You go whole seasons without seeing a five second call. Does anyone even know what the rule is on a five second call? We definitely choked the game away, but we sure did have a lot of help. They shot THREE TIMES as many free throws as we did and they jacked up more threes than us. How does that happen?

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