Kevin Grevey: Former UK Star Likes Cats Future

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Kevin Grevey: Former UK Star Likes Cats Future

Post  BestdamnUKfanperiod on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:23 am

Kevin Grevey: Former UK Star Likes Cats Future

Former UK star Kevin Grevey, who is 7th on UK's all time scoring list, now scouts for the L.A. Lakers.

The star of the 1975 team that lost the NCAA Championship to UCLA in John Wooden's last game, is old school. He likes what UK is doing.

"They are very unselfish. A team that doesn't turn the ball over. You would think that a freshman orientated team would but John Calipari is doing a great job with these guys and it puts a lot of pressure on the defense because you have to go out on the shooters, yet they have that dribble drive. Literally, everyone on the floor can take the ball to the basket if they would like to. Great spacing. This is a very dangerous team. I really like Kentucky's chances."

Cal keeps on saying that the upside for this team is better than any other team. Grevey also likes the potential for March.

"They are only going to get better I think because they are young. I think you play like you practice. I have been to Coach Calipari's practice, you see the effort out here when the lights are shining, but eleven o'clock in the morning or four o'clock in the afternoon, these guys play very very hard. So they bring that same intensity out here. A lot of young players don't know how to play with poise and yet play with that great effort. He has somehow has gotten the ability to transcend that hard practice out here on the court. He is a terrific coach and all these guys are playing with great confidence. It really surprises me."

Grevey says the obvious, that Terrence Jones, Brandon Knight and Doron Lamb will all probably end up in the NBA. But, there is another Cat who has really changed that Grevey is happy for.

"I like seeing guys like Harrellson. Check him out. How hard he is playing. Here is a guy who was, come on, an after thought. He could be a D-League kind of guy, he could play in Europe. If he plays with that intensity, a guy like him could be a 14th-15th guy on a team. I just think that Kentucky's players came here with a purpose, obviously they want to make a career playing basketball. But they haven't forgotten while they are here they represent the state of Kentucky playing the right way. And I appreciate that. I don't like these one and done guys, but, it is the nature of the business. If you are going to be a great player coming out of high school, and have a chance to play in the NBA, this is a great venue to do it and to play for Coach Calipari."

To his coach, Joe Hall. Following Rupp, a legend, is close to impossible. That's a big reason why Grevey doesn't think Hall received the respect he should have when he was coaching.

"I don't think he did, but I think he's beginning to. I'd love to see him in the hall of fame."

This is the part that might surprise you. Grevey using the word love to describe Hall.

"I truly love Coach Hall. I think anybody who has ever played for him can say that because he really had all of our best interests in there. He was hard. He was tough, but he made us all better players and a better team. If you are going to judge a coach you judge him by obviously winning championships, SEC championships and all that is great, but I think his legacy is what he has done for the state of Kentucky as a great ambassador for college basketball."

"I'm so proud of Coach Hall and how he has received other coaches who have come here. How gracious he is. He wasn't all that easy for him when he took over at Kentucky and replaced Coach Rupp. And maybe in his own mind he said if I ever have an opportunity, I am going to make these guys feel loved. He's a big guy for that."

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