Big Day Friday?

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Big Day Friday?

Post  BestdamnUKfanperiod on Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:54 am

Hopefully good news for Kanter, Take this for what it is worth but read this guys response from KSR on Kanter, Could mean nothing. But something to read.

# CatScratches Says:
December 3rd, 2010 at 12:02 am

I have waited awhile before making a post about Kanter. I have my “sources”. Really they are just “blue hairs” who are family friends. They occasionally go out to dinner with the people in the know with UK sports or get replies to texts from them. Here is the info that I’ve gathered from a few of these on how things went down yesterday and why the athletic department is very pleased with how things went.

Just like Matt said they would, Sandy Bell preached about Kanter’s intent to stay an amateur by turning down large sums of money. Basically it was summed up that Kanter had turned down contracts and gifts multiple times that would have ended up being over two million, and his family only asked for money to pay for their sons schooling.

Kanter gave testimony about his intent to play college basketball for many years. That he and his family had spoken about it when they realized he could play basketball for a living was possible and that he and his family decided it would be better for him to attend some high school and college in America before electing to play in the NBA.

And what has been a rumor going around on other websites, I got a conformation from two different people that the NCAA did speak during the meeting. They read a statement about the facts of the case, their findings, and why they came to the decision. Then they gave a recommendation. They recommended that Kanter be eligible to play for UK. From my understand and my sources understanding, what happened was this: The NCAA ruled against Kanter because they had no choice. Based on the rules they set for players who participated on professional teams outside the U.S., Kanter broke them without question or dispute. No word on why they recommended him to be eligible though, just that they did.

Now to the bad news. Even though all of these things happened, UK still feels its a long shot. They know that no matter how you look at it, Kanter played on a professional team and accepted a large sum of money in doing so (no matter how the money was spent). Some people cannot see passed that.

The most interesting thing I found out in these conversations, is that no matter what the ruling is, everyone feels that the NCAA will go back and modify their rules that would allow foreign prospects a more clear cut path to take to become a NCAA student athlete.

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Re: Big Day Friday?

Post  stuckinknoxville on Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:14 pm

Well I haven't had much hope after the initial ruling but I've been watching for news all week. It would make my day to see him ruled eligible.
I guess I've had a bit of renewed hope since Newton was cleared.

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