Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!!

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Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!! Empty Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!!

Post  Bho on Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:08 pm

Just got home. I hope everyone got a good look at Randall Cobb today. Probably the last time he plays at Commonwealth. I feel like that the season is a success. We are going to yet another bowl. There is a lot of room for improvement, however, through a coaching change we maintained bowl eligibility. cheers

Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!! Drogba

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Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!! Empty Re: Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!!

Post  BestdamnUKfanperiod on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:40 am

I love my Cats, but I don't really see it as an success, Only team we beat worth a crap was S.C. I want the Cats to start winning more S.E.C games, If we don't beat U.T. this year it might be another 20 years or whatever. We should be making bowl games from now on anyways, we are in the SEC and should be tough, I just want us to compete more instead of getting spank by Florida and Ole Miss and being happy with beating weak teams to make a bowl.

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Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!! Empty Re: Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!!

Post  MULECHOPS on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:08 am

More than half the teams in d-1 make a bowl. Its not that special anymore, unless its a new years or BCS bowl.

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Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!! Empty Blue Dude's near end of year RANT. Readers Be Cautioned.

Post  Blue Dude on Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:30 am

I titled my post what I did because as many know, my opinion on the football program differs from A LOT of folks and while I do catch a lot of Screw for it, I really dont care. I have found more and more folks have began to agree with me on some areas but it's whatever at this point. With that said, let's go:

BestDamn & MuleChops: Welcome aboard to the 'LET'S GET TO BETTER BOWLS' Bandwagon that I been trying to start for just about 2 years now. BestDamn more so because I been saying that for 2 1/2 years about the 'lets schedule 4 cupcakes, pray to god we win 2-3 SEC games' to get a bowl plan.

The only thing impressive about this years bowl eligibility deal is that it makes it 5 straight years and I don't remember that happening in my 25 years of living. But yeah, if you're excited about going to the same bowl they've been to 3 of the last 4 times then thats cool. Same goes for the Liberty bowl so that one doesn't feel left out because that's probably where they'll be after the UT game, more on that later.

I don't feel this year was a success. The players already pretty much had a feel for Joker and what he wanted to do, at least the offensive guys. IF they beat UT and go 7-5, well that too me is just the program remaining on a plateau, even though I doubt they'll go into Knoxville and pull it out thus sending them to the Liberty Bowl. This year was the year to do better since they only had Florida on the schedule out the 3 major big boys in the SEC. Let's face it, we can agree Auburn is hit or miss every year and this year they just happened to be a hit, and happened to have the ball last in that game, because Steve Brown can't adjust to anything on the ground. Losing to Ole Miss was a freakin' joke too. 8-4 should of been worst case and that to me was MORE than reasonable and in my opinion, Joker and his staff failed.

Randall Cobb, if you do decide to go to the NFL, god speed, good luck and thanks for your service at UK. I for one don't blame you for taking your talents to the next level when you've pretty much been the UK team besides Derrick Locke the last 3 years. I'd recommend a good chiropractor if I knew one because that back has to be hurting from doing all that carrying. Cheers and beers towards many awesome years in the NFL. Go Pats and hope they draft ya.

All in all grading Joker's first year: I give him a D. It hasn't been a complete failure, and if he wins in Knoxville, I'll raise it to a C. The same old bowl games on the same old plan doesn't impress me anymore. Too much talent on both sides of the ball to be AT BEST 7-5 or at worst, 6-6 and for that you get a D sir.

-Thats just my opinion and feel free to disagree.
Blue Dude
Blue Dude

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Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!! Empty Re: Bowl Eligible Beyotches!!!!

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